Monday, February 27, 2012

"Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?"

Well MY garden grows with veggies and herbs and flowers! I'm so grateful for the mild winter we've had in Missouri. I'm also grateful for the the Savvygardener newsletter because they tell me when I plant things based on our local climate. For example, a recent newsletter suggested some flower seeds that could be started in stages over the next month because it's been so warm. One of those was Snapdragon - which I had a packet of in my cabinet! All of my flower packets have seed starting either indoors before the last frost or outdoors a week after the last frost. If it weren't for Savvygardener, I wouldn't have realized I could start sowing now. So every Saturday through March, I'm going to sow another bit of Snapdragon. I really hope at least half of them turn out!

I planted garlic this season for the first time and it seems to be going well. I've never grown it before so I really won't know how well it's going until harvest time in July-ish. I have a friend who has had great results with his garlic and he's given me some awesome tips - none of which I applied this season. Sometimes even I don't understand myself.

A recent beautiful and sunny weekend had me outdoors sowing some Snow Peas and Snapdragon flower seeds. We're attempting edible landscaping in a large patch in front of the house. We established some pampas grass, lilies, and a sage bush last year. I started the garlic back in mid-October and they're in front of the tiger lily. I decided to plant the snow peas in a 3-ring circle between the garlic/lily & the pampas grass. I'll eventually need to put a teepee trellis up and thought it would look best near the back. The Snapdragon is in a row even with the back (behind the trellis if looking from the street). It's supposed to grow up to 3 feet tall so I'm hoping it will pull everything together in that area. I think I'll plant another 3-ring circle of peas in the opposite corner with Snapdragons behind it as well. Have a bit of symmetry going on.

I'm anxiously waiting for April, when I'll be starting a few seeds indoors which I will transplant to the garden in May. Here's my planting list for the 2012 season:

Tomato (cherry, grape, and large)
Green bell pepper
Jalapeno & Chili peppers (if I can find some seed for free)
Cucumber (both bush & trellis variety)
Snow Peas
Nasturtium (annual)
Alyssum as cover inbetween plants (annual)
Marigold (annual)
African Daisy (annual)

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