Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Deck With Syd, Manny, & Diego

Last night was my once-a-week Deck of Cards Workout on the workout schedule. I got through the whole deck again, and pushed harder on some of the exercises (I'll explain below). I picked Ice Age as the dvd to accompany me. Although I was listening more than watching this time around. My head was so into completing the motions that I noticed I wasn't paying attention to the movie most of the time. It's still nice background noise.

I meant to update last night but I got online to update my log and got distracted by editing its layout to be more readable (and easier to update).

A few notes on the exercises I did:

Lunges - I counted each leg as a rep and completed each rep as 2 seconds down / 2 seconds up
Knee-to-elbow Planks - Also counted each leg as a rep and completed as 2 seconds in / 2 seconds back. I had to stop a few times when I'd flipped the Ace and King. Whew!
Jumping Jacks - I focused on making sure my feet were flat and knees soft when doing these. I don't feel like I get as much benefit when I bounce off the balls of my feet
Tricep Kickbacks - This is what I did instead of Chair Dips. I focused on slow and controlled movements, no faster than 2 seconds up/down. I used 5 pound dumbbells in each hand.

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