Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whoop Whoop!

I was sick off and on all last week. I would feel better and decide to hold off for a day to keep from relapsing - then I'd relapse anyway. It was so frustrating. Until last night, I had not exercised at all since Friday, February 10th!

I surprised myself yesterday! I ran in place at a pace of 4 footfalls per second for the entire 20 minutes and pushed a 9th round out on the 10 Minute Strength rotations. I had mentioned before that I didn't think I could do more than 8 rounds without compromising form. Well, I still can't be sure I'm doing the crunches right. I haven't looked it up. I can say with certainty that my abs were worked though - there was some noticeable burn today!

Tonight's targeted workout was Shoulders, Arms & Abs. The whole thing took me 30 minutes. I made sure to do each rep for a total of 8 counts (4 up / 4 down) and did them until I had trouble doing them instead of some arbitrary number. It felt great.

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