William Morris Project List

Kitchen: An easy-to-clean room that navigates well.
  1. Remove wallpaper boarder.
  2. Paint.
  3. New floor.
  4. Replace countertops.
  5. Refinish or replace cabinets.
  6. Organize manuals into binder.
  7. Organize recipes.
  8. Organize and purge freezer.
  9. Organize and purge under sink.
  10. Install dog door in place of cat door.
  11. Re-tile backsplash.
  12. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
  13. Install new oven/stove combo.
  14. Remove in-wall oven.
  15. Install wall mount for future Kindle Fire (or similar device) to view online recipes, etc.
  16. Install built-in cabinet/pantry area in corner.
Existing Bathroom: A fresh and airy room.
  1. Remove wallpaper border.
  2. Remove cabinet over toilet.
  3. Paint.
  4. New sink or new vanity/sink combo.
  5. New floor.
  6. Organize and purge under sink.
  7. Install shower caddy.
  8. Install curtain rod over window.
  9. Alter shower curtain to size of curtain rod.
  10. Have tub refinished. ~ $400-500
Linen Closet: A place for linens, medications, and other stuff
  1. Organize and purge.
Hallway Closet: A place for media storage and board games
  1. Install corner shelving to hold CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes
  2. Acquire and install full-length mirror on inside of closet door, move huge bedroom mirror (and mounting hardware) to basement for future bathroom.
Entryway Closet: A place for outer wear and extra bags
  1. Purge and organize.
Dining Room: A gathering place for family and friends where one can linger in comfortable chairs to discuss the day, play games, and share meals.
  1. Organize and purge china hutch drawers.
  2. Empty contents of lowest cabinets of china hutch to use for filing/shredding center.
  3. Shampoo area rug.
  4. Clear corner by bookcase.
  5. Refinish or paint chairs.
  6. Create or buy cushions for chairs to match table & each other.
  7. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
Living Room: A room for reading, watching tv, and relaxing
  1. Paint.
  2. Replace papasan chairs and couch with matching set.
  3. Replace coffee table with suitable design to match new furniture.
  4. Replace light/fan with more modern style.
  5. Purge table under window.
  6. Create a reading nook.
  7. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
Our Bedroom: A room where we go to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.
  1. My dresser: Clean out and organize drawers. Donate clothing.
  2. Sweetie's Dresser: Clean out and organize drawers. Donate clothing.
  3. My nightstand: Organize and purge.
  4. Sweetie's nightstand: Organize and purge.
  5. Closet: Clean out and organize. Donate clothing/shoes.
  6. Fix roman shades on big window.
  7. Make roman shades for little window.
  8. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
Cat's Room: A room for the cats that doubles as sewing & crafting room.
  1. Shampoo area rug.
  2. Organize and purge bookcase.
  3. Replace or move printer stand.
    (hang shelf for printer with hidden fold-out shelf for laptop?)
    (keep in cat's room or move to craft area of Max's room?).
  4. Finish re-purposing the cabinet in garage to house the cat litter pan.
  5. Make roman shades for windows - preferably with black & white color scheme.
  6. Hang black & white framed photos of cats.
  7. Replace folding tables with a cafe table or something similar to use as a raised feeding station. Small cafe style chairs would work to replace the 'step-up' to their food.
  8. Clean out and organize closet. Donate clothing.
  9. Acquire or construct large sewing table/ironing board (preferably 4x4 w/ 2' extending ends for full 4x8.)
  10. Acquire or construct an organized bin or locker system to hold materials for specific projects. (model car, clay, canvas, etc).
  11. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
Max’s Room: A room of many functions! Where Max sleeps, where we store pantry items, where music instruments are played and where crafting/sewing is done.
  1. Clean out and organize closet. Donate clothing.
  2. Organize and purge pantry shelf.
  3. Organize and purge top of piano.
  4. Install shelving for router & modem.
  5. Install nicer looking guitar hangers.
  6. Install something to hang bongo drums.
  7. Remove wallpaper.
  8. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
  9. Paint to match existing window treatments.
  10. Remove carpet.
  11. Use rubber shelf liner on hardwood flooring to anchor Max's quilt to create area rug.
  12. Construct built-in pantry to wall adjoining kitchen if built-in not financially feasible in kitchen.
  13. Install tall gate to entryway into kitchen.
  14. Hang framed photos of Max.
Basement (finished side): A secondary living space and exercise room.
  1. Install spacers for outlets/switches.
  2. Paint & seal outlet covers & switchplates to match room scheme.
  3. Replace outlet covers & switchplates.
  4. Cut area rug to size and finish edges.
  5. Organize & purge kitchen area.
  6. Smooth botchy patch jobs in ceiling.
  7. Repaint ceiling.
  8. Remove antique dishwasher.
  9. Replace counter top.
  10. Install mini-fridge under counter.
  11. Hang framed art above sink.
  12. Create open shelving for minimal dishes.
  13. Replace faucet or fix knobs on existing faucet.
  14. Finish installing swinging bookcase door or replace with open doorway and move bookcase.
  15. Hang framed art.
  16. Acquire night light for bed area.
Basement (Unfinished side): A space for us to work on messy projects, an organized space for storage, and laundry area.
  1. Build workbenches.
  2. Build storage shelving for wood.
  3. Create delineated spaces for each function (projects/storage/laundry).
  4. Install insulation between beams in woodworking area to reduce sound carrying upstairs.
  5. Install insulated ceiling tiles over woodworking area to keep sawdust out of insulation and to further sound-proof the area.
  6. Install bright lighting over each functional area.
  7. Create an organized bin or locker system to hold materials for specific projects.
  8. Install folding/hanging area by dryer.
  9. Hang hoop for spraying area - if room allows - not high in importance
Future downstairs bathroom: The bathroom in the basement.
  1. Replace shower head.
  2. Replace water knob.
  3. Install overhead light.
  4. Acquire an up-flush toilet.
  5. Find a simple pedestal sink or small vanity.
  6. Finish framing in the space.
  7. Call professional to create plumbing and install toilet/sink.
  8. Install backerboard to walls (& ceiling?).
  9. Mount huge mirror above sink.
  10. Install shower pan with wrap-around curtain.
Garage: A place where Sweetie can park her car, not a place to store junk.
  1. Organize and purge windowed wall.
  2. Move all but one cubby shelf to basement.
  3. Organize and purge wall adjoining to house.
  4. Move all gardening supplies to cabinet on wall.
  5. Create receptacle to accommodate glass recycling.
  6. Spray insulation into wall adjoining to house.
  7. Attach pull-down mechanism for attic access.
  8. Install new outlets - update wiring if necessary.
Back Patio: A place to lounge, grill, and enjoy being outdoors.
  1. Replace washer on hose attachment to eliminate leakage.
  2. Acquire patio furniture.
  3. Power-wash patio to remove painting & grease stains.
  4. Remove rock bed, replace weed paper, replace rock bed.
  5. Replace existing clematis trellis with matching pair.
  6. Start new clematis on 2nd pole.
  7. Determine cause of mosquito population and resolve.
  8. Remove or repair gaslight fixture.
  9. Remove or Cap off & bury broken outlet in rock garden.
Backyard: A casual expanse of green with spots of color coming from modest beds of flowers.
  1. Clean up brush between fence lines.
  2. Divide and redistribute daffodils.
  3. Divide and redistribute surprise lilies.
  4. Pull weeds from shade garden.
  5. Pull weeds from strawberry bed.
  6. Lay mulch along fence landscaping, shade garden, and strawberry bed.
  7. Acquire 2nd compost tumbler and dump make-shift composter.
  8. Cut back trees & trim bush.
  9. Acquire and plant hostas in bed by basement stairs
  10. Clear leaves from corners and along fence lines
Shed: A place to store lawn supplies and patio furniture.
  1. Organize and purge.
  2. Install bracket to hang gardening tools.
  3. Lay new flooring.
  4. Re-roof or paint and seal roof.
Front Porch: A place to sit and watch the neighborhood.
  1. Remove rock bed, replace weed paper, replace rock bed.
  2. Acquire bench for front garden.
  3. Acquire river rock to finish paths in front garden.
  4. Acquire good quality, stylish door mat.
  5. Replace stair carpeting.
  6. Acquire hanging rail baskets for lettuce and/or flowers.
  7. Acquire hose reel or hose pot to store garden watering hose.
  8. Replace washer on hose attachment to eliminate leakage.
  9. Remove aluminum awnings.
  10. Construct small pergola or porch along front of house.
  11. Install outdoor pull-down shades along porch to cover windows in summertime.
  12. Acquire or build 2 rain barrels. Install on each front corner downspout to water garden.
Front Yard: A tidy yard with a welcoming approach.
  1. Tidy up neighbor's shrub row that has moved into our yard.
  2. Divide peonies.
  3. Mulch around peonies.
  4. Edge along driveway.
  5. Create receptacle for twigs gathered between pick-up days.
  6. Create receptacle to accommodate larger branches between pick-up days.
  7. Cut back trees.
  8. Remove gumball tree.
  9. Kill front lawn. Start over.
Miscellaneous: We all have those things that don’t really go anywhere but need to get done.
  1. Blow up and hang photo for living room.
  2. Replace all doorknobs in the house to match.
  3. Return items that belong to others.
  4. Repair, reupholster vintage chairs in basement.
  5. Spray expanding foam around all pipes entering house.
  6. Spray fireblock expanding foam around dryer vent, all outlets & around all wiring entering home.
  7. Recycle television parts in garage.
  8. Schedule bulky item pickup for acceptable items in garage.
  9. Acquire portable shampoo machine (like Little Green Machine) for cleaning area rugs.

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