Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Cold, A Deck Of Cards, And Me

I started my new workout schedule this evening. Today was the Deck of Cards Workout. I had mentioned before that I didn't think I was to the level yet of being able to get through the whole deck, because it would have meant I'd done 105 reps of each suit (lunges, knee-to-elbow planks, chair dips, and jumping jacks).

In addition to just guessing I wouldn't be able to do that, I also came down with a cold today. So far it's not in my chest and I don't have a fever so I went ahead with the workout. I really didn't think I'd be able to do much.

Oddly enough, I felt better while I was doing the exercises! The box of kleenex went untouched after about 3 cards. Before I knew it, there were no more cards in the deck. I checked the time and only 30 minutes had passed. I had completed the deck! I was shocked. I was so excited about it, I got on my computer to update my log before showering!

A few notes on the exercises I did:

Lunges - I counted each leg as a rep
Knee-to-elbow Planks - I counted each left/right pair as a rep
Jumping Jacks - I started doing a squat jack toward the end of the deck because it seemed too easy
Chair Dips - I didn't have any sturdy furniture to dip between so I just used my dumbbells. I basically got into the position of a bridge and dipped my body down and up from that. I don't think I worked my triceps at all. I have since looked at the proper form of a chair dip (using a chair) and I don't trust myself to do it right without supervision. I'm not in a hurry to mess up my shoulders or back so I think instead of chair dips, I'm going to do Tricep Kickbacks with my dumbbells.

Tomorrow is Yoga. I think I'll do the "10 Minute Solution: Yoga" (linked to Amazon) on Netflix Instant and just bring my laptop down with me. Or I'll do it upstairs if sweetie is okay watching me stretch and bend :-)

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