Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Quitting At The End The Same As Finishing?

I've been looking forward to last night's workout for about a week now. I get so excited when I near completion of something and the Rockin' Body workout schedule was no different. Yesterday though, I wasn't looking forward to the workout at all. I was bloated. I had cramps, nausea, a headache and just generally felt like crap. I knew I wasn't sick but I wanted to pretend I was and curl up with a warm blanket and just read the evening away.

Something in my brain was telling me that the workout might make me feel better. Sometimes, a walk around the block would do the trick so how could the workout not work as well? So I went downstairs and started. The last workout of the 30-day schedule was slated as Party Express combined with Rock It Out. I found within 5 minutes, I was already following Tania's modified moves because it was too much bouncing for the nausea that was going on. I finished the 25 minutes of Party Express with a mild sense of satisfaction. I completed the workout even though I felt like ass. I pretty much faked my way through most of it but I did it, dammit.

On to the next one. I sat doubled over while I waited for the menu to start up - that's how bad I was cramping at that point. I feel it's necessary to point this out so you understand what I did next. Rock It Out is a 45 minute workout that targets pretty much all areas (abs mostly, 'cause it's Shaun T). In the first 10 minutes, you're basically doing standing crunches while moving side to side and pumping your arms in different directions. After that, you go into a squat position for about 10 minutes and use hand weights to tone your arms. There's more after that (obviously) but it doesn't matter for this post. I didn't even pretend to care for the first 10 minutes. I didn't jump, I didn't pump, and I didn't crunch. I basically walked side to side and flung my arms around a few times. It was pretty sad. It sucked so badly that I just wanted to cry. So when it came to the part where we go into a squat position, I said "Screw it" and shut off the dvd and called it complete.

Workouts are supposed to be fun. They're supposed to make me feel better. This is why I continue to do them. I love how I physically feel when I'm doing it and I love how I mentally feel when I'm done. So when that's not happening, then I'm not working out for the right reason.

I've already put together a calendar for February & March to do a modified version of the Lifehacker Workout. Today is a rest day and a well timed one at that. By Wednesday, I should be back to normal and ready to start the Deck of Cards workout. I need to get some music together tonight. Or a short movie.

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