Sunday, January 15, 2012


I laid in bed this afternoon and stared at the clock, calculating how much longer I could lay there and still be able to work out before heading out to meet friends. Then I laid there calculating how long I could stay in bed and still have time to eat before heading out.

By the time I finally heaved myself out of the comfy confines of blankets and kitties, I barely had time to eat before we had to head out for the day.

The day, by the way, was excellent! Sweetie and I went to Crown Center to see the finalists compete in the Brick Factor competition. It was freaking packed so we really just stood on tip toes for a few minutes before deciding to head over to Science City and meet up with our friends. This was my first time at Science City and I had a blast! I know that place is designed for kids but I wouldn't mind at all going again - with a kid in tow for appearances of course ;-)

I had been asked to work a benefit at 5 so we left directly from Crown Center and headed over to the bar for that. We sat around and watched football and images of the news for about an hour. Some misinformation had occurred with the organization putting on the benefit so it ended up getting cancelled. When we got home, I expected to watch our Sunday shows while eating, and then head downstairs for a 35 minute workout. We ate dinner, watched Once Upon A Time and Downton Abbey, and then I sat there. I sat on the couch and played Scrabble on Facebook. Then I read some blogs. Then I realized it was 10 o'clock and I should update my workout calendar on this blog's sidebar. It was at this point that I noticed today's workout is 75 minutes. That would put me finishing around 11:30, at which point I'd still have to shower and relax enough to fall asleep.


Instead, I decided to deem today an early/unscheduled rest day. Could I have just gone ahead and done one of the 35 minute workouts anyway? Sure. I could have. I've mentioned before how irrational I am about schedules and "rules". I'm just a little irritated with myself because now I'm not going to be able to finish the schedule before the end of January. I'm not so irritated that I'm in a funk though so that's an improvement!

And really, a rest day isn't such a bad thing anyway. I'm sure I'll need it for tomorrow's scheduled workout. Booty Time + Rock It Out = about 75 minutes of stationary and moving squats. My legs and butt are gonna be talking to me this week!

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