Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Soup Weather!

It's been soup weather for about a month now but I've been stuck on the creamy mushy food cravings. Today, I'm making a big batch of soup to keep me away from so much gooey cheese (and ultimately be kinder to my cholesterol!)

I've got some cans of low sodium black and kidney beans from last winter that I need to use. I've also got frozen mixed veggies. With those ingredients in hand, I went to Google for a well-reviewed recipe. I found Tangy Bean Soup. Even better, I can pop it all into a slow cooker and just go about the rest of my day. Awesome.

I also have some leftover tortillas so I might crisp one of those up when I have my bowl at work. The recipe is set at 6 servings so I'm set for lunches all week - plus two servings frozen for some day down the road when I don't feel like cooking again.

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