Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rockin' Body

I'm going to start Rockin' Body on January 1st and I'm going to follow the calendar included with the package. This means some days I'll have over 45 minutes of exercise but I'm ready to get back into the more serious workouts so I need to do this.

I didn't do well with the 30 for 25 Challenge and I can think up two reasons (other than the obvious self-blame, LOL). First, I wasn't willing to stray from the 30 minute stipulation. I have a lot of 45 minute workout DVDs that I *could* have done to mix up the variety and not get bored but I didn't. I had set a timer for 30 minutes and dammit, I wasn't going over. I'm weird in that way. Secondly, the decision of what to do was sometimes overwhelming for me. Rather than just do something, I would throw my hands up and declare it a missed night because I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Again, I fully realize how silly and cop-out that sounds but it's how I am. I'm a horrible decision maker sometimes.

Last night I was reflecting back to when I was doing the Insanity workouts. Now granted, I didn't finish the schedule due to injury; but until I couldn't do it any more, I was doing really well at staying on track. I pin that success on the fact that the Insanity workout had a schedule to follow. I knew as soon as I got home from work which workout I'd be doing that day. Sometimes it was a 30 minute workout, sometimes 45, sometimes more. The minutes didn't matter. My goal was to finish that day's schedule and I just did it.

Rockin' Body also has a schedule. It's broken up into 4 weeks so I figured January 1st was as good a day to start as any. I've set up a new tracker to the right where I'll mark my progress with the workout schedule.

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