Saturday, February 11, 2012

4-minute workout

One of my grade-school classmates pinned a 4-minute workout image to their Pinterest the other day. I decided I would try it today since my current workout schedule gives me 2 rest days.

Here's the image she pinned:

I found a free timer online and set it to ding me for the 20 second and 10 second mark, for 8 rounds. I took video of myself for 2 reasons: I wanted to count the reps I'd completed and I wanted to check my form. After the first round (about 2 minutes in) I was having trouble catching my breath. I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish. My brain was saying, "Hey, it's only 2 more minutes - freaking push through!" and my chest was saying, "Hello? Can I get a good breath here?" I pushed through and you can totally see in the video where I lost steam. 

I noticed that when I did Squat Thrust (which when I looked up the how-to, saw that it's a burpee without the push-up), my back seems to dip so I'll be sure to focus on keeping stiff next time I do that sort of exercise. 

I also noticed I pigeon-toe during my jumping jacks, which made me chuckle since my mom worked so hard to correct that when I was a kid.

Finally, I noticed that I smile and chuckle to myself a lot when I get winded. 

I never noticed any of this in prior videos I've taken of myself but then, none of those workouts had pushed me like this one. 

In the end, my feelings about the 4-minute Workout are that it's heart-pumping and definitely tough. I find it hard to believe it burns as many calories as a 40-60 minute run, or that it increases metabolism for 36 hours, but that doesn't really matter to me anyway. It's quick, I definitely gave my heart and lungs a workout, and if push came to shove, I could do this on a day that was so full that I "didn't have time".

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