Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Farro So Good!

Okay, now that I've settled down from laughing at my own punny joke, I can continue with posting.

I ran out of quinoa last week so I reluctantly pulled the farro out of the freezer for this week's lunches. I don't recall how I used it last time but I do remember being less than thrilled about it. It obviously had something to do with how I prepared it because this time it tastes great!

I followed the instructions on the bag to make what should have been 4 servings. It said to boil for 5-7 minutes or until 'al dente'.  Well, I boiled for 10, it was 'al dente', and there was still water. So I just drained off the water and divided the grain among my lunch containers. I only ended up with 3 1-cup servings. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be a cup? Maybe I should have waited until it absorbed the water? I obviously don't know, but it doesn't really matter now.

Then I divided up a bag of frozen carrots & peas among the 3 containers. And because garlic makes pretty much all veggies better, I divided 2 minced cloves among them as well.

At work (to the misfortune of my coworkers), I broiled fish in the toaster oven when I was ready to eat. It was very filling and Oh So Tasty! The farro isn't overwhelmingly earthy, but has enough to it that it has flavor (unlike rice, which doesn't really have a flavor when plain other than bleh). The garlic softened nicely when I heated the container in the microwave. And the veggies brightened everything up and just made it look pretty.

So the yummy dish, plated, was this:

Farro, peas, carrots, garlic, fish (tilapia, salmon, cod, whatever) seasoned appropriately

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