Friday, February 3, 2012


Last night I did 2 segments from "10 Minute Solution: Yoga" (linked to Amazon) on Netflix Instant. Max was very concerned and seemed stressed while I was doing this so Sweetie took him into the other room while I continued. This was my first time doing a 'real' yoga workout. My previous exposure was a few moves on Wii Fit, and apparently the Insanity workout.

I figured a good place to start would be with The Basics segment. I learned Mountain, Sun Salutation, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog, and Warrior. She moved pretty fast and didn't hold the stretches as long as I expected from what I'd heard about yoga - but then again, this was a 10-minute segment so that's probably why. I think there were 3 rounds of that cycle. By the 3rd time I almost had it down without watching her.

I didn't want to do any segments that were geared toward "toning" since my body was pretty tight from the Deck of Cards workout. I skipped to the end and did the Flexibility and Relaxation segment. This one felt good and I probably should have done it twice. It started with a butterfly stretch, lateral bend over left leg, twisting stretch to left, lateral bend over right leg, twisting stretch to right, bridge pose, ham string stretches by hooking my fingers over my big toe and trying to extend the leg (then also bring leg to side for inner thigh stretch), and finished with a lying spinal twist on both sides.

The segments I skipped were Buns & Thighs, Abs, and Burn.

I'm undecided whether I want to look for another Yoga workout or keep doing this one. Since I'm only scheduled to do it twice a month, I'll probably just stick with this one. Next time though, I think I'll do The Basics & Flexibility and Relaxation twice each instead of once.

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