Monday, March 5, 2012

Yay for 60's!

Today's temps were in the mid to high 60's. We had clear skies, a bright sun, and a pretty good breeze going. Absolutely beautiful!

Sweetie and I took our dog Max on a walk as soon as I got home. Tonight was my 20-minute walk/jog so I decided I'd just keep going. Runkeeper tracked me doing 1.32 miles at a pace of 15 minutes/mile. Not nearly as fast as I was when I was running with the C25K music but it was enjoyable and that's what really matters!

When I got home, I did the Strength rounds and was consistent with the 11 rounds in 10 minutes. I still had 45 seconds left on the timer but called it quits instead of getting halfway through a 12th round. I don't need to beat my record every time, LOL! I think I must be getting faster on my push-ups because that's the only part of those sets that I wasn't already moving pretty fast on.

Tomorrow's supposed to break the 70's! We're going to enjoy it while we can!

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