Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Sun, How I've Missed You!

I had a very satisfying run this morning. I ran 1.73 miles in 20 minutes. The weather is BEAUTIFUL!

When I got home, Sweetie was up and outside. I got my sugars back up real quick with an orange and some water, then she made eggs & bacon which I ate with black beans. It's really not a picture-worthy meal but my taste buds were VERY satisfied!

We decided to make use of the gorgeous day and went outside to clean out the shed and prep the strawberry patch before it started blooming. I should have taken pictures of this process because our shed was a disaster! I pulled everything out onto the patio and took stock of what we could throw away, donate, and keep. I swept out all the leaves and knocked down the cobwebs (steered clear of the mud dauber nests though!) Then we marveled at how big the shed was without all that crap. Some of that stuff had been there when we bought the house and we just never got around to doing anything with it. Most of it was trash but some treasures we uncovered included a sprinkler and some rebar. There's still some gardening things that could be trashed or given away but I didn't want to deal with it. Some part of me truly believes that I will eventually get all the supplies necessary to get plants started indoors and so I keep the flimsy plastic containers that I get when I purchase every year. I also have these PVC creations for starter plants which don't care to be transplanted (like peas and corn).

They weren't a flop but they didn't seem worth the effort so they've sat unused for the last two years.

Among the stuff that's been accumulating were 3 hoses with splits and holes throughout. We had used them to mark the lines of our landscaping plan last year and I held on to them with the intention of creating a segmented soaker hose. So while they were splayed out on the patio, I went ahead and cut the good sections out of them and put them in a tote, then got the soaker hose and cut it up into segments. All I need now are connectors and I've got individual plant soakers instead of unnecessary watering in non-planted areas! In the meantime, they are stored nicely rather than knotted up on the shed floor.

The shed still looks so much bigger, even after moving everything back in. We were very happy with the results!

Everything but the grill!

Sweetie moved on to the strawberry patch to dig out the dandelions that had taken over. I went to work with a hacksaw and lowered the poles that hold netting over the strawberries. I had initially had them tall enough to protect the tomatoes and peppers but we're letting strawberries take over that whole area now and it looks strange for the netting to be that high. The strawberry patch now has fencing (to protect from dog and squirrels) and netting to protect from birds.

We might just get to EAT some of our strawberries this year!

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