Friday, March 23, 2012

First Time On A Foam Roller

I had pushed myself so far on Tuesday that on Thursday my calves were still screaming. I really should have done a proper cool-down and stretch after that stuff but I was just so jiggly in all areas that I wanted to lay down. Now I'm paying for it!

I asked my friend to bring her foam roller to work so I could try to work the soreness out over my lunch break. She showed me how to use it and I set out for a private place.

What I didn't realize until she showed me, was that when you get to a spot that hurts, you just hold still for 10-15 seconds. I was always of the assumption that you just continuously rolled back and forth - like a massage, I guess. But no, apparently maximum pain is the object of the game here.

Te gusta mis calcetines?

My wrists started hurting from holding myself up before I got all the way through both legs because every time I'd inch up from the 10-second hold, it would hurt again. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every inch between my ankle and knee-pit was tight and sore. I decided to give my wrists a break and just went with leg weight pressure instead of body weight pressure for the rest of my lunch break while I read.

I never realized how much these things hurt! I can only assume that it helped me some but I'm still very tight and sore in my calves. I still feel a stretch just from pointing my toes toward my knees.

I'm going to keep stretching throughout the day at my desk because I've got another 20-minute run scheduled for tonight. If it's raining, that means another round of jumping jacks or something similar. I WILL stretch afterward this time!

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