Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pushing & Pizza

This week has been tough. The weather has been gloomy and rainy. We can't go for our nightly walks and there's no sunshine pouring through the windows. It really takes its toll on me and by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is exercise.

Monday I skipped the workout all together. I did not want to run in place after having been able to stretch my legs outside for a full week. I also couldn't be bothered to decide on an alternative exercise that would suffice for replacing the run. By the time I was heading to bed, I felt like a complete slug. I was like that character with a black cloud hovering over their head. Or Eeyore.

Tuesday I knew better than to let myself skip again. I went downstairs and decided to do jumping jacks for 20 minutes to make up for the run I didn't do on Monday. Instead, I did jumping jacks until I couldn't stand it anymore and then lightly jogged in place (sometimes just walked in place) until the burning in my calves went away, then jumping jacks again. I felt like it was a satisfactory replacement since I was just as winded and sweaty and jello-y as I am when I finish a good run.

Then I did something strange. I decided I'd go ahead with that night's scheduled workout as well! It was Shoulder, Arms, & Abs so I figured my jiggly legs wouldn't be to bothered by it anyway. I was right, the workout was completely do-able and I finished it feeling great. I felt so great, that I went ahead and did the "Strength Rounds" that usually follow the run (which I had skipped because my legs were so wiggly). I only got 6 rounds out before I felt like my legs were going to give out under me during the squats.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling a strangely familiar soreness. My entire body ached. I could feel each an every muscle that had been worked the night before - especially my calves. I hadn't felt that sore since I did the Insanity program.

That night when I got home, Sweetie had a headache and didn't want to make dinner. I offered to make pizza and she took me up on it. The caveat? She was ready to eat. So I skipped the Deck of Cards workout scheduled and made dinner, then ate dinner, then sunk my overstuffed belly into the couch and read Rules of Civility until bedtime. I didn't feel bad at all about skipping, and my attitude didn't cave either. I'm chalking it up to the pizza ;-)

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