Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank you REST day!

Friday's Insanity workout was the Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs. Pure Cardio kicked my butt, as usual. It seemed to be kicking harder than usual though. Or maybe I'm just plowing through harder and therefore getting maxed out faster? I dunno, but my beeper was going off pretty consistently throughout. I wish I'd have sprung for the kind that tracks my average heart rate so I could plug that in on some fancy online calculator and see how many calories I'm burning. I get so focused on how many breaks I'm having to take, and get really down about how crappy my cardio must be, that I think it would be helpful to see that number - and know then how hard I am (or am not) working! The 'meat' of Pure Cardio is 15 moves, each move for 1 minute. Suffice to say, I would do one minute, then spend the next minute waiting for the beeping to stop. Repeating over and over. Maybe next time I should try to slow it down a bit and see if I can do every move. I'll have that opportunity on Monday!

So I finished the cool down on Pure Cardio and was like "Whew! Glad that's over!", and then I was like, "AAAGH! It's NOT over! I still have Cardio Abs!" And I'm pretty sure I even said that all out loud.

Cardio Abs hurts. Alot. You KNOW it's working. My mid section is a quivering mess when I'm done and it's just a shade over 10 minutes of actual exercising. Not a single sit up in the enter workout, which is excellent and TORTURE at the same time, LOL

But my belly is gonna look goooood. So that keeps me going :-)

Saturday was a rest day. And I spent it as such. I slept till noon, then laid in bed for about 3 or 4 hours just absorbing the sounds of the house. I mostly listened to Ashley talk on the phone, and I'm pretty sure I took a few naps here and there. I had a ginormous headache since I hadn't had any coffee yet and too much sleep. So around 4 I got up and showered, then headed to eat at a local chili diner with some friends. We got Orange Leaf froyo for dessert and then I stopped and got some vanilla cream stout to take home. Pretty sure I stepped off the health train today! Woowoo! I did at least eat my pound of veggies still. And controlled my portions pretty well at both the diner and the froyo.

Sunday's workout is Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I'll need to eat very clean to keep up with that one so I'm back on track first thing tomorrow (or when I wake up, since it's technically tomorrow right now).


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