Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Checked out

After my workout on Friday evening, my shin was bothering me. Saturday morning there was still a slight pain. I'm in no hurry to repeat the pain I was experiencing at the point when I went to the doctor last time. So I took time off. I'm planning to return to a full schedule on Wednesday, and really focusing on warm-ups/stretches of the shin when I do. I had slacked off of those extras when it wasn't bothering me. Now I know I can't do that.

We left for a mini-vacation Saturday afternoon and from that point until today (Tuesday), I completely checked out of the health kick mindset. We had Cracker Barrel for lunch and I did not order a salad, lol. We went to a dinner theater for dinner where they served potato soup, baked potatoes, creamed chicken and veggies. I did eat all the veggies & the extras that no one else at the table wanted. Aaaand...half a bottle of wine.

We were staying at a bed & breakfast. Each breakfast consisted of coffee, a cantaloupe wedge, grapes, a cheese omelet, farm fresh bacon, and various pastries.

Sunday we skipped lunch and bummed around the house. I grazed on sweet pastries all day. We each had half of a Snickers protein meal bar just before 3. For dinner we went to a diner. I had a roasted veggie pita bread sandwich. This probably wouldn't have been too bad except I'm sure the veggies were browned on a butter soaked grill, not to mention the herb mayo that accompanied them. It was SO tasty though! I also had a small order of onion rings with the sandwich (about 5 rings). We stopped at Schnuks on the way back to our room and picked up some more wine. Another half a bottle for each :-)

Monday we had some beer at the Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour, followed with pizza & garlic cheese Italian bread at a local place in Columbia. It was delicious. I don't recall eating dinner though. I do remember Ashley giving me 2 pecans while I was studying, lol. I guess I had 2 pecans for dinner.

Today I started back to 'normal'. I checked back in. Egg white sandwich for breakfast. Lunch is supposed to be shrimp & veggies but it's after 2pm and I still haven't made it yet. I have class tonight so I'll have a container of Greek-style yogurt before I go and the other half of a protein bar if I get hungry during class. I know it's not much but I'm not exercising at all today so I don't really need much to go on anyway.

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