Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night I did Cardio Power & Resistance (Robert Harden has already done  pretty thorough review on all of these workouts so I'm just going to link to his write-ups.)

I got through 2 of the 3 rounds in the warm-up without stopping. This is an accomplishment! This is progress! The third round had my heart rate monitor beeping anytime I did anything with momentum to it.

Cool Down & Stretch
In previous weeks, the cool down and stretch brings my heart rate to around 150-160. Last night it got low enough to beep at me, around 140. This made me very happy.

Main part 1
Again, I was pretty impressed with my progress so far. When I started out in October, I couldn't do more than 3 power jumps. I'm up to ten or so on each round now. I don't worry so much about the beeping toward the last 5 seconds or so because it regulates back to 170's during the Belt Kicks. Back to beeping toward the end of Hit the Floor, then regulating again during V Push Ups.
"Bonus" Tricep Dips saw an increase from 2-5 to around 10 AND I was able to do the leg lifts!

Same as with the warm-up, I was able to do 2 of the 3 rounds for part 1, then my beeper kept shouting at me during the 3rd round.

Main part 2
I've never had a problem with Hurdle Jumps in the past but last night these were hard! I'm thinking it's because I've always been resting from the beeper and wasn't able to push hard enough to have muscle exhaustion by this point. Well last night, there was definitely muscle exhaustion.
You would think then, that Globe Jumps would have been equally exhausting. Quite the opposite was happening though. I was attacking these! I got 4 reps in Round 1, 3 in Round 2, and 2 reps in Round 3.
By the time my beeper calmed itself, I had missed about half of the time alloted for Moving Pushups, so I'm still only getting about 5 or so of those in each round.
Seriously thought I was going to puke a few times on the Floor Sprints though. Pushed through them if my beeper wasn't going, but my tummy was getting pretty pissed about my determination!

Final Round
8 hop squats, 8 push ups. I've never been able to do a full rep of these. NEVER. Last night - I somehow pulled 2 reps out. Then I rested on the floor while the screen prompt flashed "Never Stop Moving", LOL
By the time I had recovered, it was time for the 30-second water break. Since Cool Down was next, I went ahead and plowed out one more rep. So that's THREE total reps! I was pretty stoked.

Cool Down & Stretch
There's a part during this when Shawn T asks, "How's everyone feeling?" at which point my girlfriend (cooking dinner in the next room over) replies "Horrible!", LOL. I must say though, by this point in the workout I'm usually feeling the best I've felt all day. It's like all tension in my body is released, every muscle is fatigued and my mind is clear. "How am I feeling?" I'm feeling AMAZING!