Monday, January 17, 2011

It's about the "ups" AND the "downs" - and this is a down

Sunday's workout would have been Plyometric Cardio Circuit but I felt really bad. Ashley said I felt like I had a low fever, which is a no-no for workouts so I thought I'd play it safe and hang on to the couch for the day. Didn't eat much at all, which isn't good. For the entire day, I had 16oz of coffee, 8oz of water, 1 cup of cottage cheese and then 1 cup of a sort-of-soup I made. The soup was a Wild Rice box mix, with 1 can of black beans, 1 small can of mushrooms, and almost 2 cups of low sodium chicken stock. I rarely use canned foods in my meals because the sodium content is so high (not to mention their typical lack of flavor), but I didn't feel like cooking and it was easier to dump and boil. I was basically just looking around for stuff I could throw in with the leftover chicken stock I had.

I woke up late this morning still feeling cruddy but not nearly as bad as I had felt on Sunday. I had a container of A&E Greek Style Clementine yogurt for breakfast with 16oz of coffee. Around 10am, my body decided to notify me as to why I felt so crappy. This is my weakest point of all. I can't recall ever having been able to resist the crap cravings I get on this kind of day. It's like I find out I'm not really sick, but I still feel like crap, so I'm just going to justify my physical feelings with like-minded food choices.

Today was no different so far. For lunch, I went to Quick Trip. I had a bratwurst with dijon mustard and also had 2 pepper jack cheese taquitos.

Since I've introduced crap to my body, what do you think I'm still craving? Of course - crap, crap, and more crap. The Plyometric Cardio Circuit is going to kick my ass to next week tonight because that's just what seems to happen when I don't eat clean with this workout. My body is symbiotic like that. If I don't take care of my body, it's not going to take care of me.

This is going to be a rough week.

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