Friday, January 21, 2011

LOL - I can't believe I'm admitting this

Last night's workout was Cardio Recovery. This is all balance and muscle control. I'd guess about 80% of it is some version of slow squats and squat holds, then the rest is plank work and stretching. It hurts. Always. The burn! It's like my legs are on FIRE with those holds!
It helps a LOT to see someone as fit as ISeeFitPeople struggling with these holds!

Now, on to the embarrassing admission. There is no running or jumping in this. No cardio. There is no need for my heart rate monitor or even the fancy boob squasher bra. I usually do this in my normal workout clothes with a regular bra on. Last night though, I didn't see the sense in dirtying up a set of clothes. I was in the privacy of my own home damnit. I could wear whatever I wanted (or didn't want)! So, my workout "outfit" consisted of:
Socks, shoes, underwear, ball cap

I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Every time I heard Ashley get up and move around, I panicked that she'd look in the room and see all my bits hanging in weird directions. Imagine my freak-out when she moved during THIS pose!

Plie Yoga Stretch
Or THIS one:

Hip Flexor Yoga Stretch

Yeah, luckily she never looked! 

And I probably won't be doing that again. Sometimes, the dangly bits were just in the way and distracting. At the very least, I'll wear shorts and a tshirt. Now I know.

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