Monday, August 1, 2011

Start Your Engines!

Today is August 1st. Well that crept up on me! As I've stated previously, it's time to start incorporating a workout session into my day. I'm starting with Hip Hop Abs because it's still so freaking hot outside. In fact, tomorrow is forecast to bring the hottest temperatures since 2003 to our area. Record high for tomorrow is 109, which was hit in 1984. Our area reached 106 in 2003. I'm really hoping we don't break or meet any previous temperature records, but in either case I'm not going to be doing outside workouts.

I've already mentioned that I would like to run the Powell Gardens 5K on September 10th as my first 5K as an adult. I've recently also become enamored by the Ruckus Course as shared by a friend who recently completed the Warrior Dash.  I mean really, it's like a playground for adults! It looks like so much fun! The realistic part of me fully realizes how difficult it would be without proper training though - so it's something to aim for. The Ruckus Course has been rescheduled for November due to our heat wave, which gives me until October to come up with the $75 (or find a team/sponsor) and get physically prepared. 

Here's my ideal timeline:
8/01 through 8/31 - Hip Hop Abs
9/05 Powell Gardens 5K
9/01 through 9/30 - Couch to 5K Plan and first half of Insanity
10/01 through 10/31 - Insanity 2nd half
11/05 Ruckus KC Course

Luckily, the first week of Hip Hop Abs is 25-30 minute workouts because I also need to get some housework and yard work done before the weekend. Since we're in 100+ temps now, those chores will be done from 6-7am when it's (hopefully) under 90. Tuesday morning I'll finish edging and filling with rock. Wed-Sat I'll do a section of the yard at a time, finishing off with the backyard on Saturday. 

I'm exhausted just thinking of it!

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