Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scheduling Snaffoo

I made my workout schedule to give me Sundays as the rest day. Unfortunately, Fridays are so crammed full that I barely have time to get a 45 minute workout in. It's do-able, I did it this Friday, but hectic and just cuts into what little time I have. One one hand, I want to re-arrange the schedule but on the other hand, I realize it's possible and kind of just want to leave it as it is because I really enjoy having that entire day. Ideally, I would get up earlier on Fridays so I can get the workout in before going to the day job - but that didn't happen this time around.
I might also start a twice a week cleaning job at my office. The current cleaning person comes on Wednesday and Friday. Just one more thing that would cut into the little span of time I have between jobs on Friday. Although I'm sure I could find a way to make it work.

As for Hip Hop Abs, I'm getting the hang of most of the routines. This means I can focus more attention to holding my abs tight and putting more energy into the movements. This also means I'm getting tired before the workout ends! Usually about 30 minutes into the 35 minute routine, I'm pounding my fists into my hips to try and loosen them up so I can continue. Then I start the 25 minute routine and barely get 10 minutes in before I have to stop or else I feel like my legs are just going to fall out from under me. Definitely more of a workout than I expected and I'm glad for it!

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