Sunday, August 7, 2011

And Rest, I Did!

Today was my rest day on the workout schedule. I mentioned last night that I had been working other areas of my body with housework throughout the week, and was definitely ready for that day off.
When I say I didn't do anything today, I'm not exaggerating! I reluctantly crawled out of bed at 1:30pm, fixed my iced coffee drink, and sat down with my laptop to work on the logo project. Around 7, I put the laptop down and picked up my book (Catching Fire, pt 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy - excellent quick read) and got sucked into it until about 9:30. The only thing that pulled me out of the book was having to run an errand to the Plaza area (41st & Warwick). When we got home, I helped gather trash and recyclables and brought them out to the curb. That was the extent of physical motion for me.
My eyes hurt from so much near-sighted focus, and my brain is foggy from sleeping in, but my body is enjoying this relaxation bit.

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