Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Late night

Well, my schedule was almost a success. At least I was able to get everything done. Dinner had a few snafus so it was 7:30 before we were eating, which means it was closing in on 9:00 by the time I started working out.
The Plyometric Cardio Circuit kicked my ass this time around. On round 3 of the basketball drill set, I was no longer needing breaks due to my heart rate monitor - because I wasn't moving enough for my heart to be reaching those limits! I was exhausted! I would squat to do a basketball drill and almost fall over. I would go down for a Level 2 drill and my arms would threaten to cave under me. I would do one In & Out before my knees buckled and I got rug burn from the unexpected collapse. I could hold plank position pretty well though, so I did that at least. Since I'd had a few minutes worth of 'rest', I went to town on the "bonus" set at the end with football drills, jabs, uppercuts, and attack. My body was a quivering mess during the cool down.

Also, I wore shorts for the first time during a workout. They are not so conducive to the cool down portion. My legs were so sweaty I kept slipping during the hip opener stretches. It just now occurred to me that this is probably why the cast has hand towels everywhere, LOL

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