Monday, March 28, 2011

Insanity Hiatus

I really want to have success with the Insanity workout program. I want to do it right. Right now that isn't feasible. For starters, I'm taking 2 rest days instead of one. The way the rest days fall for me, the 'Cardio Recovery' workout is sandwiched between the rest days. It's not that the recovery workout is easy by any means, but it's just too much time off around it. I lack motivation to do the recovery workout because I've already had a rest day. It seems silly to do it after a rest day - especially knowing I have another rest day following. I threw around the idea of skipping the recovery days and replacing them with the other workouts. I decided I was changing it up too much.
I'm going to wait until I finish school - which should be this August.
In the mean time, I'll continue working on eating healthy breakfasts and lunches. My weight is nearing ideal. If I continue on the trend I've had these last few months, I should reach the Wii's suggestion in about 4 weeks.
I have a doctor's visit scheduled for this Wednesday and I'm going to ask if they want to rerun tests on my blood for cholesterol. If they do, I'll post the results. I'm expecting they will be much better. (I'm now remembering I never looked up the paperwork of my last results!)
Summer is on its way which means I'll be spending more time outdoors for what little free time I have, which is exciting! At the very least, I'll be walking daily with Ashley and Max. I'll be mowing the lawn, gardening, washing the car, etc - so there will be some exercising going on.

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