Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fitness theory

I was reading Steve Edward's blog, "The Straight Dope" because it was featured in an Insanity link on Facebook. This line made my head tilt:
"Conventional fitness theory is that when you stop training it takes you the same time that you had off to get back to where you were." - Steve Edwards
If this is true, I'm apparently setting myself up for a world of hurt by putting Insanity off until August. I'm going to put some serious thought into how I could work in some sort of mini workouts to at least keep me in semi-decent condition while I wait to start Insanity again. 

I have done some research on fasting exercises - which essentially what any morning workout would be for me - and basically as long as it doesn't reach aerobic rate (at most, a brisk walk) and the time doesn't exceed 30 minutes, I should be fine. I'm not in it to do major calorie burnage, which is what all the articles I found were focused on, so I may need to up my breakfast calories if I start looking skeletal, LOL
If I can get out of bed even 15 minutes earlier, I could get in a 5 minute warm up followed by a 10 minute circuit. It won't be as intense as Insanity but it might be just enough to keep my body in that mode so that August won't be quite so painful.

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