Sunday, March 20, 2011

Insanity starts tomorrow!

I'm starting up the Insanity workout for the fourth time (I think? I'm losing track now) tomorrow. I sat down tonight and tried to work up a feasible schedule. This time around I've got school taking my time as well. What I ended up having to do was schedule 2 rest days instead of 1. I couldn't figure out a way to get the workout in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I get up earlier on those days to do the workout, it's not just the 40 minutes for the workout - I'd need time to eat breakfast and digest a bit before going cardio crazy. So I'd be looking at about 4 or 4:30 am to start. NO WAY! Plus, I'd have to go to bed that much earlier the night before. How do I go to bed earlier and still do everything else that needs done? I also need to spend time with Ashley. So here's what I came up with for weekdays:

6:30 a    leave for Jim’s/work
1:00 p    study/homework over lunch
5:00 p    leave for home
5:30 p    walk with Ashley & Max
5:45 p    study/homework until dinner is done
6:30 p    eat then study/homework for an hour
7:30 p    Mon/Wed/Fri workout (Tues/Thurs @ school till 10)
8:30 p    shower/eat fruit/hang with Ashley
10:00 p  bed

I think if I stay pretty close to that schedule, I'll be okay. I'm hoping the 15 minute walk will warm up my shins better and prevent any issues I've had before. The hardest thing for me concerning a workout schedule is figuring out when I can do it in relation to eating. If I wait too long after eating, my blood sugar drops and I end up nearly passing out after the workout is over. If I don't wait long enough after eating, I intentionally don't work out as hard in lieu of puking all over the place. There's this happy place about an hour after eating though that seems to work for me. 

Starting Insanity and keeping the workouts on both weekend days also means I don't get my freebie weekends anymore. I guess I could still eat the not so great choices but I'd just suffer for it in the end. Those workouts hurt so much more when I don't eat clean foods. 

Well, wish me luck in finishing this time around! I'm taking pictures tonight. When I get through the entire 60 days (which will take longer based on my schedule), I'll post the 0/30/60 day picture comparisons! 

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