Friday, September 9, 2011

The results are in!

I posted my "after" stats of measurements and weight. As I had guessed, not much changed. I lost an inch in my hips and gained half an inch in my bicep muscle - and might have lost 3 pounds. Three pounds could be normal water fluctuation though so that's not really a victory. So I maintained.

I've been planning to start the C25K for 2 weeks now. Last week I wimped out because I got myself all worked up about the possibility of encountering a dog. Sweetie helped me through that fear, or at least helped me come to the realization that we never see loose dogs in our neighborhood so there shouldn't be a concern. And she made sure I knew what to do if I saw a dog that wasn't attacking me yet.

This week I was ready. I had my workout clothes and water laid out every night. I had my alarm set for an hour earlier than usual. And I snoozed the alarm - again and again and again. Every night I'd go to bed with the same affirming thought, "I WILL get up and run in the morning. I will NOT hit snooze." I even went to bed earlier so I wouldn't be so tired in the morning. But every morning turned out the same and I never ran.

I'm thinking if the weather cooperates, I'll get out there tomorrow and just get started with it. I think I've just given my body too much time off and I need a reminder of that excellent endorphin rush to get me going again.

As for meals, I'm going back to frozen veggies with chicken until I run out - which should be about two weeks. I'm out of steel-cut oats so I'll be having peanut butter toast and apples for breakfast for about two weeks as well. Dinner, as usual, will be whatever Sweetie wants but I need to watch my portion control and not cave to second helpings.

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