Thursday, October 13, 2011

C25K - Run 7

Well, I'm about a week behind but I got back out there! Today was when I was *supposed* to start the Podcast track for week 3 (I accidentally ran to that track on Run 5). I think I might have psyched myself out a bit knowing what was in store for me. 

The bpm was raised 2 beats which meant a brisker walk and a theoretical faster jog. I still have trouble jogging slow enough to keep up with the bpm though so I just go with a speed I'm comfortable with.

The colors and smells are SO beautiful this time of year. There was one neighbor bagging his leaves the entire time I ran. I saw the progression of his lawn and he saw the progression of my exhaustion, LOL

The distance ended up being 2.45 miles in 30 minutes. I am just shy of 1/2 a mile from my goal of 3 miles and I'm only on week 3! 

How did it feel? It felt amazing. The warmup walk took a bit to get comfortable with because of the extra 2 beats per minute stride change.  I got a pretty intense side cramp during my second to last walking measure, about 20 minutes in, which lasted  until I started running again. I've never been so glad for running at the end! I finished running halfway around the block, at which point the Podcast track ended. I used the rest of the block home as my cool-down walk. Something strange happened internally but that's not a discussion for the Internet. 

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