Wednesday, October 5, 2011

C25K - Run 6

I'm still in the hotel so I used the treadmill again - this time with no issues! I feel like I run harder but according the the mileage completed that it reported to me when I stopped, I ran slower than when I run at home. Maybe it's the downhill portions that's making the difference. I don't know and it doesn't really matter since today's the last treadmill run.

The distance ended up being 2.12 miles in 25 minutes. I stuck with the 4mph walking and 6mph running - with the exception of a few times when I wasn't sure I could keep up any longer and bumped it down to 5mph runs. 

I also realized today that I used the wrong podcast track for Run 5! That would explain why I felt like I was running so much longer :-/

How did it feel? As I mentioned, I feel like I ran harder - and I definitely sweat more. Whether the sweat is a byproduct of the 75 degree closed room or an actual increase in activity, I don't know.  I had the incline at 2% for the beginning warm up walk, then left it at zero incline for the remainder.  I had side cramps about 15 minutes in which lasted throughout the entire run portion for 2 rounds. 

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