Monday, April 11, 2011

Hidden Exercise

Saturday I trimmed the hedges along our property line for about 30 minutes. Technically, these are our neighbor's bushes but they don't maintain them so they've become overgrown and are all scraggly looking as well as in our lawn. Mowing around them proved difficult last summer so this year I decided to take matters into my own hands and go hack at them until I was satisfied (with the side that faces our lawn anyway). On Sunday, I felt a little soreness in the muscles in the back of my thighs, a bit in my upper arms near my armpits, and some cramping in my hands. Today it's even worse. I have to wonder if it would be any different had I still been doing the Insanity workouts (or any workouts for that matter). Is this just my body saying WTF? I am SO looking forward to July when I can truly dedicate myself to the fitness portion of this goal.

Saturday morning I had leftovers from dinner out the night before: half a pork chili tamale and about a quarter of a spinach & cheese enchilada. After trimming the hedges, I had another big plate of salad with tomatoes and a baked Swai fillet breaded with Andy's fish breading. When I got hungry later, I had another big plate of salad with tomatoes but was still hungry after that so I had some leftover farro with mixed veggies. Ashley grilled hamburgers for dinner (a small one for me by request).

Sunday I had more salad w/ tomato and another piece of fish for lunch. We were invited by friends for frozen yogurt around dinner time so I had that. Since it was dinner time and I was hungry, I ate more than I usually do. If I remember correctly, my cup was almost 11 ounces! Then on the way home I stopped at Chipotle and we ordered a burrito to split.

So up until Sunday night, I was doing pretty good at staying on track with eating better. I need to get in and get my blood re-tested and would really like to be on an ideal diet for a week before doing so. This way, if the results come back better, I know that it's related to my diet. If the results are still high (cholesterol is what they're concerned about), then I know it's not just diet and will probably need medication to help. So I got through the week and blew it at the end. Going to post a note in my car this week to remind me not to cave so I can get my blood tested on Monday. Maybe I can make myself a reward of getting froyo for lunch that day.

I forgot to weigh myself on Friday, but judging by how my pants are fitting, I'm going to assume I've gained quite a bit...

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