Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, I got the results of my blood test back and cholesterol is still up. In fact, it has RISEN! I changed my diet, cut back on eating fast food, beef, excess fats. I ate steel cut oatmeal, quinoa and a salad with fish for 8 days prior to this test! I've been eating better in this last year than I had since middle school and my levels have gone up?!
The only positive spin I can see to put on this is that if I had continued to eat the way I had been prior to the last test, these numbers would have been even higher. As it stands, the doctor doesn't think the numbers are high enough to be concerned about CHD and he doesn't recommend medication but I should start taking fish oil capsules since the diet change didn't yield results. He also said to up my exercise as he's seen that work for people as well. I'm supposed to get another test in 3 months. I won't be getting back into a workout routine until late July so I probably won't get another test until 3 months after that. Or maybe I'll just wait until next April - seems to work either way.
I'm so freaking frustrated right now.

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