Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No news is not generally good news

I've been doing okay with food choices. A few slips into Tiers 4 and 5 but the important thing is that I didn't stay there! With all the snow we've gotten lately and the low temps, I'm craving chili. Ashley would have a fit but I'm thinking a meat-less chili would do the trick AND keep me in the top two tiers. Apple Market had 'no salt added' canned red & black beans on sale that I picked up the other day. They also had red peppers & roma tomatoes on sale so I have those too.
Exercise, on the other hand, is lacking. I haven't done a single workout since January 21st! That's 11 days so far, 12 if I don't do it tonight. Some days, there's an 'excuse'. Some days I just can't seem to overcome the 'I don't wanna' mentality. Most recently, I've started feeling the physical and mental effects of not exercising. My cheeks are getting warm and pink, I'm getting headaches, shortness of breath is returning. It's just nuts that a steady routine of exercise helps all those effects disappear. The flip side of it though, is that when I'm short of breath and have a headache, the last thing I want to do is exercise! The longer I don't exercise, the easier it is to skip - the less I even think about it. I find I'm getting restless and irritable. I know I need to exercise. I seem to have allowed myself to get stuck in a cycle here. We'll see how tonight goes.

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