Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of William Morris - 2012

It's officially the start of 31 Days of William Morris! 

I took a cue from Jules at Pancakes & French Fries and made a list of all the projects I could tackle around the house that would allow the spaces to be useful or beautiful. The list is ever-changing as Sweetie and I think of other things, or realize that something we thought we wanted is no longer wanted, or that something we wanted is not feasible. I gave the list its own page and will update it as projects are completed/added/changed.

I realized that since I've just begun decluttering and organizing to create a more intentional, beautiful, and useful home - my projects are going to be a lot of junk drawers and areas that were messy & cluttered before, then clean & organized after. I have a feeling that those projects would make for some pretty boring reading unless I really put an effort into jazzing up the wording. I don't have - nor do I want to make - the time to do that on a daily basis. I decided I would post about the William Morris Project on Sundays and give a run-down of what was completed that week. 

A challenge and a deadline always get me going! I'm really looking forward to seeing what all I've accomplished come October 31st!

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