Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time To Move On

I think I'm doomed to not finish schedules longer than a month. I even felt like I'd mixed this schedule up enough that I could hang on to it without getting bored. I was wrong. I only had 6 days left and I punked out on all of them.

So I'm moving on to the next schedule, which I found on Pinterest and was linked from Tumbler - so I really have no idea who came up with it. It seems like a good enough variety, and I don't think it will take too much time.

As with every schedule, I'll start on Monday to get back into the routine. With the nicer weather, Sweetie & I have been walking Max about a mile & a half as soon as I get home before we lose light. So I'll plan to do these as soon as I return from the walk. It will be a nice warmth!

I really liked that I wasn't doing a workout on the weekends during the revised Lifehacker workout. I think I'll stick to that and copy these workout slates onto index cards and just flip through them in order. That way  I still get the variety given from all of the days but I don't have to mock up an entire calendar to keep track.

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