Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Good Stuff!

This was an abnormally horrible week. Things aren't bad anymore though, and it's not going to do me any good to gripe about it now anyway. Instead, I think I'll share the good stuff that happened!

Missie B's celebrated its 18 year anniversary this weekend and the special anniversary show was excellent! I was also invited to a dinner for performers, which made me feel wonderful to be included. Here are pics I found on FB of some of my favorites:

Daisy Buck√ęt as Carol Channing Austin as Ellen Degeneres and Seto as Michael Jackson Loretta Martin as Adele

Sweetie and I watched The Hunger Games at Screenland Armour. They had 2 vinyl club chairs with a little table in between that we all but squealed over and snatched up right away. It wasn't really much of a race since we were the only ones there for the next 10 minutes, LOL

Swivel club chairs!

Next time though, we'll pick the normal seats. We were too close to the screen and we couldn't hold hands or talk during the movie - two things I never realized we did so often until today.

And finally, I have some conversations & observations to share!


The scene: I'm driving behind some loaded trucks on a highway in the middle of nowhere. "Single Ladies" is on the radio and I'm demonstrating the dance motions to Sweetie when the trucks in front of us start braking to turn.

Sweetie: Slow down!
Me: I am. I'm braking. I'm braking while I'm dancing. I'm brake dancing!


The scene: Giving a bouquet of peonies to a drag queen in celebration of her birthday.

Bernadette: They're beautiful! Are they from your yard?
Me: Yup!
Bernadette: They smell so good.
Me: Yeah, (Sweetie) said it smelled like old-lady and I said, "Then she'll LOVE it!"
Bernadette: *stink eye*


Facebook observation: If you change your middle name to "DramaFreeZone", chances are you're anything but.
Posting one of these every minute for an hour aren't helping matters either:


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