Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Korean Food and a 97 Degree April Day!

Sweetie and I are part of a Supper Club that meets once a month. Each person in the group gets a month to pick and this week, the pick was Kokoro Maki House. They had both Japanese and Korean cuisine to choose from and a very large variety of sushi. I still didn't get brave enough to buy the sushi but after seeing everyone's samples around me, I'll definitely be trying some next time!

I ordered the Bul Go Gi with steamed rice, which was served with a side of Kimchi, Eomuk (fish cake), and Potato BokkEum. I'm including some pictures below that I found online - I did not whip out my camera during dinner but these all look like what I was eating.

Kimchi  Bul Go Gi
Eomuk (closest link I could find - no soup though) Potato BokkEum

Oh, and Sweetie shared some tempura calamari with me. Everything was delicious and I definitely want to try more! The couple sitting next to me had a sushi roll that was beef & asparagus, and a friend next to them had a cucumber roll. There was also a roll on the menu that had smoked salmon, cream cheese, and apple - that sounded decadent! So I think next time I'll spring for the sushi.

In other news, the weather has turned again. It was a blasting 97 degrees here today. In APRIL!? I am terrified at what August will bring. Yesterday, I planted a second round of snow peas, a second round of radish, and tried another direct planting of tomato & basil. I also planted various lettuces and a cucumber. One of the lettuces was actually the stem of a romaine head we'd finished from the store. I thought I'd try burying it and seeing if it takes root again. The same concept supposedly works with celery so I figured it was worth a shot. We'll see in a few weeks how those all turned out. Last night, I drew up the flower-scape intended to fill in around the veggies. I had planned to plant those today but it was just too hot. I also still need to widen the rock trench bordering the fence line landscaping in the backyard. It's supposed to be cool again by Saturday and we don't have any plans so I might just get it done!

We're having a group of friends over for a game night this Friday, which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm sure I'll have some fun quips to share about that on Sunday. 

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