Sunday, July 10, 2011


All 7 of our tomato plants are plentiful with little green tomatoes! We've even gotten a few red ones from a few - YUM!

Both bell pepper plants have little pepper nubbins on them. One pepper fell off of one and we cracked it open only to find this caviar looking stuff inside. What is that? I really hope all the bells don't do that.

Both of the salsa pepper plants also have peppers dangling all over. I'm very pleased with my ignored gardening method :-)

When the temps get back down to the 80's, I'll throw some more lettuce seed, broccoli, and cauliflower to see how it goes in the front yard. I'm not sure the squirrels and rabbits will let it happen but it's worth a shot. I should probably plant some in a container too.

It would be ideal if I could grow enough lettuce and produce to never have to buy food for lunch but that's apparently a LOT of garden. The yield from one bell pepper plant is enough for 3-5 salads. The lettuce patch I planted earlier in the season was good for about 4 salads. But 4 days isn't enough time for the lettuce to grow to cutting height again. So maybe I'll try a rotation crop next season.

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