Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Insanity Update - Final & First Fit Test

Last night was the final Fit Test (I skipped the 3rd & 4th because I didn't want to do a Fit Test AND a workout). Last night was also the first Fit Test starting another round of Insanity (but starting on Day 15 so I'm in sync with the Shaun T Bday Challenge.)

Here are my results:

I'm a little disappointed with some of those numbers. My endurance definitely improved but my strength could use more focus. My heart rate only exceeded 190 once. That was after Power Jumps, which always result in a skyrocketing heart rate.

I recorded myself with our flip cam to watch my form. Here are some things I noticed:

Switch Kicks:
Amazing form, consistency, and speed

Power Jacks:
I don't squat as deeply as I think I am. A mirror would be helpful. I don't want to bend too deep and cause injury!

Power Knees:
Good form, good speed - just need to work on endurance

Power Jumps:
First 10 were pretty good with height and form. I look like I land a lot harder than I feel. The people in the video look so much more graceful. Something to work on.

Globe Jumps:
My lower half looks good - butt out, knees bent in squat position. My arms however, holy crap. They were just flailing all over the place! It's funny because I always feel like I'm in control and have steady arm swings. Apparently not, LOL

Suicide Jumps:
Great form and speed for the first 10, then my butt starts coming up. I remember being super exhausted at this point.

Push-Up Jacks:
I was really looking forward to seeing this one. I always feel like my form is complete crap on push ups. I was surprised. My arms actually do come pretty close to 90 degrees and my back doesn't sag (until about 15 reps).

Low Plank Oblique:
No real surprises here except endurance. I've never had an issue with my form or speed on Low Plank Oblique. I had to stop a couple times though and not because my heart rate was high. My arms and legs were just jello. I still increased in reps but my goal is to get through these without stopping next time.

As for other measurements, my weight went up .6 pounds - so an even 145 now. No biggie. My inches reflect a loss around the calves, forearm, and hips. I've been eating kinda crappy lately (fried foods, ice cream, etc) so the surprise was that I hadn't gained more! (hmm, that might also have something to do with my performance on the Fit Test, lol)

A total of 3.75 inches are gone around my body. One measurement that was particularly interesting to me was the 1.5 inch increase around my bust/chest. I don't know if I measured in a different place that last time, or if I gained muscle mass, or what happened.

Here's the breakdown of inches:

Bust/Chest   +1.00
Waist -0.50
Hips -1.50
Thigh +0.50
Calf -1.75
Bicep -0.50
Forearm -1.00

In the round I just finished, I did the Recovery workout once - I think maybe it was week 2 - and noticed the pain had returned to my shins the next day. I noticed that pain again this last Sunday - after I had held a minute-long squat on Saturday. So I think it's the squat-holds that are causing my shin pain to flare up. This would make sense since the first couple times I did the Insanity program, I'd start flaking out due to pain on Friday or Saturday then eventually flaking out for good because the shins never had a chance to recover.

I ended up skipping on Thursdays during this round of Insanity (not because I noticed the connection; it just happened to work out that way) and was able to complete the entire 60-days. I am determined to complete all SIX days each week on this new round. I'll see how the pain is next Friday and adjust as necessary the following week.

The schedule has two more Fit Tests before the final, but I probably won't do it again until the end. It's really tough on the body and it seems unnecessary to do it on a day when there's another hour-long workout scheduled. Its purpose is to track progress and I'm okay with waiting until the end to see that. However, if I remember, I'll take my body measurements on May 3rd. It is my birthday weekend, after all ;-)

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