Friday, March 15, 2013

Almost There

There are only 3 days remaining of my most recent attempt of the Insanity program. I've skipped at least once every 7 days, sometimes skipping up to 3 days a week. I missed the entire "Core Cardio & Balance" week because I was sick. I still wanted to finish it though. I didn't try to make up the days I skipped. I didn't get down on myself for it either. Even with the skipped days, I've stuck with this longer than I have with any other attempt. I've also performed better.

Tonight I will do Max Interval Plyo. Saturday I will do Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs. Then Monday is the final Fit Test.

The final Fit Test will also mark the first Fit Test of another round of Insanity for me. I'm starting on Day 15 so that I can be on the same schedule as Shaun T and his "Shaunterage" for the Shaun T Bday Challenge.

Shaun announced on his Facebook page in February that he was going to go through his own Insanity program* starting March 4th so that he would finish on May 5th - just a few days after his 34th birthday. Well, May 5th just happens to be MY 34th birthday and I decided it sounded like a good day to finish what I hope to be a strong and solid push through the program. An intense workout program like this would strongly recommend that I take a week off before going through another round to prevent injury. I don't think this will be an issue for me though, since I had so many skips and breaks throughout this round.

*interesting side note: This will be Shaun T's first time going through the Insanity program from Start to Finish.

This most recent round of Insanity was the round that got me over the heart-monitor hump. My heart is finally strong enough to get me through a workout without exceeding my 185 bpm max rate. I now find myself taking breaks due to muscle fatigue rather than some stupid beeping alarm. Muscle soreness has reduced as well and my overall energy and attitude are excellent.

I will post my Fit Test results next week. It's quite possible that my numbers won't fluctuate much because my form has improved and therefore the moves are more difficult. Form > Speed!

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