Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not Procrastinating

I have yet to start anything else since finishing the chef's hat. I swear I'm not procrastinating.

Sweetie suggested I try the cape next.

I have pulled out the appropriate sheet from the pattern but I haven't yet cut out the pattern nor (obviously) the fabric.

The dining room table has been full of Christmas presents, boxes, and sewing stuff for the last two weeks.
I had strep and was down for the count for about a week.
I'm working extra shifts because during the Christmas season there are more services at church.
I'm reading again (major time sucker!)
My family isn't celebrating until December 29th so I have time.

Oh wait, that last one is procrastination, LOL

I have a feeling that if I just sat down and started doing it, I could have it done in a few days - even with all the other things I'm doing. I should get home from work tonight around 9. That's one hour before I need to be getting into bed. That should be plenty of time to cut out a pattern and probably even the fabric.

If only I could read while cutting ...

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