Saturday, December 8, 2012

Garden Update ... In December?!

To say this fall and winter season has been mild would be an understatement. I live in Missouri and as of today (December 8th) the closest I've seen to snow was the 10-minute flurries that happened in November that one night when temps dropped below 30 and there was moisture in the air.

You might remember back in May that Sweetie and I decided to try our luck with cauliflower and brussel sprouts even though they are plants that should have been in the ground way before Spring. They didn't do much outside of growing leaves throughout Spring and Summer. However, once Fall struck they started producing!

Here are some progress in pictures:


November 22nd:
A bit smaller than a baseball
December 6th:
Harvested cauliflower
The other (sad) cauliflower
that will feed compost
I was worried that an evening of freezing temperatures (which didn't happen, btw) would ruin the cauliflower so I had Sweetie run out and harvest them. One has brown spots and just looks all-around icky. The other looks great but is small. This is the product of a season of non-gardening. So if you want to grow cauliflower, and don't want to baby it like they instruct in the gardening forums, this is what it might look like. Small but otherwise perfect :-)

Brussel Sprouts
November 22nd:
About marble-sized
December 8th

Droopy sprouts
The brussel sprouts probably should have been staked. Now I know for next year! I read on gardening forums that brussel sprouts can thrive in snow so I'm letting them hang out until they look like they're done, or until they wither and die - whichever happens first.

December 8th:
Elephant garlic shoots
December 8th:
Regular garlic shoots


Sweetie and I have also raked the back yard. I don't know if either of us will get the motivation required to finish the rest of our property. To be honest, our front lawn and one side lawn are mostly weeds anyway so I really don't care if they get smothered from leaves.

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