Friday, September 21, 2012

And We're Walkin'!

Sweetie and I have started walking Max regularly. He had recently been laid up for a few weeks to recover from a pulled muscle and while he was resting, we were out discovering new places to walk him! We found a few paved trails we liked with little-to-no interaction with other dogs, both of which were under a mile each. While I was out of state for work, Sweetie encountered issues with both trails and went out in search (with Max) for a new trail. They discovered our new favorite trail together and thankfully everything worked out well!

This new trail is a 14-mile crushed gravel terrain that runs along one of the railway systems as well as a little river. There are plenty of native wildflowers and wildlife to keep both our eyes and Max's nose busy. We walk 2 miles if Max seems slow and 3 miles if he's pulling along.

We have walked the trail together 5 times so far and we've seen (among the more normal sightings) deer, great blue herons, a beaver, and a ginormous spider that I couldn't identify at the time but after some internet research appears to be a female wolf spider carrying her young. I know some people are heebie-jeebie about spider pics so here's a link to click if you *want* to see it. ( You're welcome!

We've started carrying the flip-cam with us to catch video of the wildlife but I think they know we have the camera and are camera shy because ever since we started bringing it, the wildlife has either been too far away or too fast to catch before hiding.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the changes of summer to fall along this trail in the next month. 

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