Monday, June 27, 2011


I haven't had much to write about in here because, in short, the changes I've made have become routine.

Through the week, I eat a bowl of steel-cut oats with dried fruit for breakfast, a very large salad for lunch, and small portions of whatever Ashley makes for dinner. The salad generally has at least 6g of protein but I'm not so concerned with how much I'm getting since I'm not exercising right now. I really like fish or cold chicken but sometimes cheese is all we have.

On Saturday and Sunday, if I'm up for breakfast, I'll have an egg dish or pancakes or sometimes oatmeal is just easier. If we aren't doing anything and Ashley isn't set on making something I'll have a salad for lunch. Weekends are pretty lax on what I eat - I don't really pay much attention but I know I don't eat as much or as well as I do during the week.

If the budget allows, I still eat a twist cone from McDonald's sometimes as often as one a day. It's my one splurge that I don't even try to give up. I work best on eating healthy when I don't feel like I'm telling myself "No" all the time.

I'm still taking the fish oil capsules twice a day. I'll get my blood retested in the end of July to find out if that made any difference.

I'm still not drinking soda. It will be a year in August since I gave it up and I can honestly say that I only miss it when I'm eating greasy diner food - which isn't often. Awhile back, I ordered a mixed drink and didn't even think about the fact that it would have soda in it. I felt miserable later and when I thought back on what I'd had I realized there was soda in the drink I had. Yesterday I had a 12oz bottle of Sarsaparilla made with cane sugar and didn't feel sick after, which was nice to know. Oh, I guess there was a few weeks where Ashley and I were sharing ice cream floats too - which would have had root beer in them. I think the difference is I'm not drinking it all day, or even every day.

I haven't weighed myself since the last time I posted about it so I have no idea if my weight has fluctuated but the pants I bought in the last post still fit the same so I'm assuming I haven't fluctuated much, if at all.

Ashley tried Hip Hop Abs the other day. She agrees that she won't be doing it in front of anyone but that it was a good start toward aerobic activity. She also said it is WAY cheesy, Shaun is very chatty, and the camera man likes to spend a lot of time on a specific girl LOL. She did the 5-minute Abs workout and had to take a break about halfway through, which was great news to me because it means there's a good amount of activity going on. I'll be using that program as a way to ease back into Insanity once school is done in August.

So that's it in a nutshell. Any ideas for a "cool" breakfast I can start on for summer? Low cholesterol, low sugar and filling is what I'm looking for.

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