Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loose pants

I need to head over to Goodwill this week to shop for new pants. Every single pair of pants I own are loose now. I have two pair which don't require a belt but move around on my hips. The other pairs will fall off if I don't wear a belt. At one point in August 2010, I was wearing a 36 without a belt. I could also wear a 34 but they were tight and very uncomfortable. Being the cheap skate I am, I refused to buy another pair of 36 to be comfy. Instead I started working out so that I could fit back into the other perfectly wearable pants. Now I've done so well that none of them are fitting either. I guess that's not really a complaint though ;-)

Sweetie was concerned that I'm losing weight still even though I'm not on a strict diet nor working out. I think the difference is that I'm still eating less. And I'm still eating salads or fish with whole grains through the week. I think she's right to be concerned but until I feel excessively tired or otherwise 'not well', I'm not going to worry about how the weight is coming off.

Regarding the 'not working out' thing. While I'm not doing an actual routine workout where my heart rate increases, I have been doing something. I came across a clip of Shaun T on the Ellen Show explaining how Hip Hop Abs works. He demonstrated how to hunch your shoulders forward and tense up your stomach, then straighten up but leave your stomach flexed. This was the cornerstone of the entire workout. I decided I'd start doing that throughout the day, just whenever I thought of it. I've been driving that way, working at my desk, and sometimes when I walk. So maybe that's how my waist is slimming. I'm not breaking a sweat but I am activating the muscles in that area several times a day and that's got to be doing something. I know the first couple days of doing it, my abs were actually a bit tender. As if I'd been doing crunches. So there's a little tip for anyone not wanting to sweat their asses off but still want to slim up a bit in the tummy area. Worth a shot anyway. At the least, you won't lose inches but will gain core strength. Either way it's a win. I also noticed that when I'm flexing my stomach, I tend to sit up straight. So it's improving my posture as well!

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